The Ergonomic SAUER SL5 has been on the run!

We've been around the continent, and the Sauer SL5 always accompanied our small game hunt experiences. If the SL5 could talk, there are some good stories to tell!

Sauer’s first semi-automatic shotgun, the ergonomic Sauer SL5, has been around for some time now. We’ve been talking to various hunters across the globe on how their small game season ended, and in some countries, they’re still going out for the coming weeks.

Small game hunting is not much covered in media, some countries had a drastic decline in some species of small game numbers, namely wild rabbits and partridge. This could be a due loss of habitat or some form of a disease.

Fortunately, hunting communities are doing their part in releasing a variable number of game in the wild to ensure a stable amount of game in certain areas. Never the less, wildfowling, corvids and pigeon shooting interest increase by the hunting fraternity. Some quarry species are on the rise, and most hunting ensures a balance in nature and an excellent cuisine after taking some good game meat back home!

Over the past season, we had our Sauer SL5 crossing some borders; we’ve been to Italy, UK and also Scotland. From Pigeon blinds overlooking stable fields to arable land in Scotland decoying thousands of Pink-Foot geese and night flights of wild ducks coming in to feed at an astonishing challenging pace.

Our season was exciting, we took our Sauer SL5 for the first time out in the field while ferreting wild rabbits. Ferreting in the Mediterranean in different than the continent, as most of the time rabbits are in rocky areas and shots are tough to take. We’ve been lucky though as we made a couple of rabbits to start the season with.

We will keep our readers posted with videos and photos of the SL5’s trips during the past months.