In support of the growing membership of the Association and the need to deal with new challenges, the GTA Council have approved a new post of Deputy Director.

The Deputy Director will work with the Executive Director to cover the growing need for external engagement and develop the Association’s services to the Trade.   The job involves communicating with members, understand their needs and providing timely, professional support.  Through project specific liaison with government departments, police forces and other bodies, the incumbent will assist in shaping the future trade operating environment and be able to support case work.

The ideal candidate would have experience of the firearms environment and a basic grounding in the relevant law, through working in the Trade, police or military fields.  They must be able to work independently, demonstrate initiative and develop their professional knowledge.  They must be willing to travel widely in the UK and establish a close rapport with members and the stakeholder community. They will be comfortable engaging with government and police representatives and have the communication skills, in person and on paper, to be able to influence the debate.

The role is nominally based at the Association’s offices in Tewkesbury where some time will be spent but forward basing at the National Shooting Centre in Bisley, home working and travel are likely to form part of the mix.

Salary £35-40k depending on experience.

Applicants should write, providing a CV to the Executive Director by Fri 17 January 2020.