The HORNADY GMX Superformance International – Cutting Edge ammo

Today one finds a vast range of reliable Hunting ammunition, and we have tested various factory loaded ammunition out in the field. During a recent trip by one of our journalists in Hungary, we reviewed the revolutionary ammunition, the HORNADY .308 Win 165gr GMX Superformance International.

The Superformance International ammunition is tailored to the demands of global hunters. After six-decades of cutting edge ammunition technology development, Hornady introduced high-velocity rifle cartridges by blending propellants and manipulating burning rates, thus still attaining standard pressures.

The Superformance International ammunition is loaded by the proven GMX bullets. The solid monolithic copper alloy bullets, retain more than 95% of its original weight, ensuring a quick humane kill. The GMX bullets deliver deep penetration with minimal meat damage. This is thanks to the structured mushroom type transformation of the bullet.

Hornady describes the GMX bullets as ‘the ultimate in performance, no matter what the game’. It was confirmed eventually by our reviewers in Hungary. The trip was planned over three days, Roe buck and Wild boar season was open, and so the ultimate all-rounder .308 Win calibre was zeroed with the respectful ammunition at 100m.

Tested in different climate conditions in respect to temperatures, ranging from 4 to 20 degrees Celsius and different humid ambient conditions the shots retained constant accuracy. We shot different distances from 120 metres to 180 metres making very minimal compensations, succesfully aided by range-finding binoculars. Successfully two bronze medal roe bucks were taken and another old buck.

The Roe bucks were not the only successful game taken, whilst stalking a forest for Roe bucks, a huge animal was spotted! It was a massive 250kg Wild Boar tusker! Emotion bursted excitement, and the first shot at 80 metres was successfully placed to a vital area. As the boar charged off, a second shot was immediately taken, and again was placed identical to the first shot. The boar started slowing down and emotions decided that a third shot had to be taken, in order not to lose the beast. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, with chances that could never encounter another similar beast in a lifetime. Accurate shots delivering constant energy on a moving beast, concluded taking a gold medal Tusker! For sure after the first shot the beast would have been successfully taken, but no chances were taken, as said prior it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.