The ‘jewels’ of Artemis

Hunting has always inspired our life’s; in fact, it becomes a part of your lifestyle. As any other inspirational lifestyle, art inspires memories and one’s emotions. Italian huntress Monica Maravalli brought these ideas forward, whom together with Italian gun dog enthusiasts Alessio Allegrucci created various artisan accessories by recycling variously used shotshell and rifle brass. The name ‘Gli gioielli di Artemide’ is inscribed, dedicating the collection to the ancient Greek mythology hunting god Artemis. Distinct bracelets are created which identifies the true spirit of the outdoors, carrying an emotional memory where ever one will go. The collection also went one step ahead and did take care of our four-legged friends, whom Monica crafted dog collars and dog leashes in different sizes to one’s desire.

If one would like to know more about this artisan collection, can visit Monica Maravalli Facebook and Instagram – Armeria Ime