The new digital concept of Rainsford Hunting

What is Rainsford Hunting?

Rainsford Hunting is a digital platform where hunters worldwide, easily can find their dream hunt, and contact the outfitter directly. By booking directly with the local outfitter you not only save a lot of money, but you can match expectations with the guide/outfitter you are going hunting with. Furthermore, it is nice to have been in contact with your guide before you are going hunting, and not a salesman for an agent.

Rainsford Hunting grows every day!

In less than a year Rainsford Hunting has grown to be a major actor in the hunting industry, with more than 115.000 followers, and offering more than 360 hunts from local outfitters all over the world. Rainsford Hunting shares new hunting trip offers every day at the website, where hunters will get all the relevant information about the hunts, pictures, videos, ratings, reviews, hunting reports and much more. The idea is simply to give hunters worldwide a portal that is easy to use with the widest selection of hunts in the world.

The idea behind the concept!

Rainsford Hunting is started by hunters and made for hunters. The idea came after several unsuccessful hunts booked through traditional agencies, where the communication was bad, the expectations not matched and a lot of money spend on nothing. The team behind Rainsford Hunting thought it must be easier to contact the outfitter directly, match expectation and then get an individual offer. Indeed, it was! Since then the team behind Rainsford Hunting has never looked back and has only had successful hunts by booking directly with local outfitters around the world. Furthermore, lot of money is saved by booking directly, so what not to like. It takes some time to locate and get in dialogue with the right outfitters, so that is why Rainsford Hunting was created. Now all the most interesting and professional outfitters and guides around the world are gathered in one user friendly portal – The concept is simple, direct contact with no costly intermediaries!