The New Generation Sauer 303 is on Fire!

Sauer S 303

Recently German firearms manufacturer J.P Sauer and Sohn, changed their corporate slogan to Guns for Generations, carrying a name for over 268 years since its establishment, it is now operating in the south-eastern part of Germany in Isny im Allgaü.

With driven hunts getting more and more popular due to ungulates steady increase across Europe, and driven hunts are the most efficient method to stabilize control, never the less, a hunt and experience that guarantees excitement instantly, semi-auto based rifles are famous for the kind of practice. 13 years after its first appearance a New Sauer 303 generation- including three different models had been brought to life, into a more elegant, classic and technically reliable thanks to high-tech engineering research.

At first glance the S 303 kept its classical hunting rifle look. Clean low-profile sleek action design as its cousin the S 404. The S 303 is currently available in .308win, .30-06 Sprg, and 8×57 IS chambers. When handling the S 303, one immediately notices the great ergonomic feel, which reflects a perfect balance for a more controllable lead when shooting a moving target.

.308 win, 8×57 IS, -30.06 Sprg

The milled saddle base is the same as the one used by the S 404’s, serving the reliable Sauer Universal Mount (SUM) system as a quick interchangeable mount with guaranteed unchanged windage and elevation.

The barrel is made from a state-of-the-art cold-hammering manufacturing process, ensuring a robust and enduring barrel, for generations to come. The barrels are chrome lined, for more durability and serving a better barrel cleaning concept. As option one can also order a barrel with open sights. A threaded barrel is also available as standard for using a muzzle-break. The Mini Universal Key(MUS) is attached in the stock, the only tool required to disassemble and to clean on an easy concept.

Chrome lined barrel. (Photo taken after thousands of shot)

The 303 is available in different stock features; S 303 Select, S 303 Select Ergo-Lift, S 303 Classic XT, S 303 Synchro XTC. To date, the S 303 is the only semi-auto hunting rifle available in a version specifically for her as the Artemis version.

An optimised bolt design and improved gas porting, guaranteeing a consistent and effective blow-back. The bolt has now got two extracting pins instead of one for better consistent ammunition extraction. The Black Magic trigger system comes as standard with the S 303, ensuring a crisp and consistent trigger pull weight of only 950grams.

During our review, thousands of shots were tested in a shooting cinema, in all three different calibres, incredibly the first reaction one could say was ‘wow!’. The sleek and balanced design ensures a smooth recoil, which can help the shooter shoot shot after shot without losing sight of his/her target. The high-end German made rifle was then shot on a target at 100m, which incredibly a nice tight group was placed with factory made bullets.

Grouping Factory Ammo .30-06

As it is one of the high-end rifles from Sauer, a personalised pistol grip and a gold barrel ring can be ordered upon customer specifications.

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