The Revolutionary BS 103 #Legend

Revolutionary Italian made dogs and falconry GPS tracking system manufacturers BS Planet, under the direction of Gun dog enthusiast and inventor Sauro Bazzani has been in the lime front since 2009.

His idea was to have a reliable GPS technology system to be used for pointing dogs, hounds and for falcons!

Used by driven wild boar hunts, pointing dogs for woodcocks, and Moose hunting enthusiasts. The GPS technology has become more popular as one can hunt without disturbing the surroundings and even safeguard his/her four-legged companion.

Sauro Bazzani with his Hounds

BS Planet recently launched an affordable GPS system the BS 103 Legend system. A simple and compact user-friendly device, with an outstanding feature that can display the dog’s position on smartphone directly. The BS 103 uses Bluetooth technology to synchronise with any smartphone, smartwatch or tablet to visualize real-time the dog’s position on a relevant satellite view map. This system does not require any SIM card or any other data network coverage.

The system can work undisturbed distances up-to 70km in a straight line. The extraordinary revolutionary hand-held system has an operating time of 30 hours and can manage up to 999 collars! That’s a lot of dogs indeed to feed!

BS 103 Legend

The system can work with other BS planet products such as the BS4000 Go far and can locate other handheld devices from the BS range.

We are looking forward to test ourselves the system in the field as we have done (and currently use) other BS planet systems for our dogs.

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