The SL5 again on geese.

The winds started blowing whilst we were set in hides erected in the hedges. Overlooking the sun rising on the distant meadows of Aberdeenshire, whilst more than three hundred decoys were facing wind.

All six of us were ready in the confined blinds, wearing ghillie suits to blend well to the surroundings. At one point, we heard the first geese calling at a distance and Kristian started calling potentially to attract the flocks. After couple of minutes a first flock of about thirty geese were visible whilst they started decoying to the decoys. The wing beats could be felt from the hides, whilst no one was looking up, but just waiting for Kristian’s order. ‘Now Boy’s!!’ yelled Kristian and when we got up of our hide, a view of massive wing spans and viscous calls was experienced!

On our first attempt all six guns managed to bag seven geese, whilst later emotionally watching Zara (cocker spaniel) picking-up the shot geese within the decoys.

For the second time, in pursuit of geese using Sauer’s semi-automatic, the SL5. As the SL5 utilises an inertia loading system, making it also a moderately light firearm, I have been a bit scared that the heavy loads intended for geese would be hard on recoil especially when shooting from non-standing positions.

But I was surprised! Loading magnum heavy-loads of 50 grams shot, is just like shooting normal game shot shells.

Another benefit is its coating, both the barrel and the receiver are protected with a matt-finished coating aiding to a low visible barrel and water repelling especially in wet conditions.

Its ergonomic design, especially when one is constrained to shoot from low-blinds or laid down. Mounting, deactivating safety and shooting comes all natural. We experienced some evening duck flights over splashes, and other good days shooting on pink-feet.

After a good week in Scotland, every day ended butchering the shot birds, preparing meat for our freezers whilst talking about the good-time memories experienced during the week. Preparing to share later culinary dishes with friends and family remembering the good laughs, good company and of course some good shooting.

Looking forward for the next ones! As the best are yet to come.