The Wild Meester project

Wild Meester — the only hunting knives designed with the participation of every hunting association in Africa, and the only ranger knives made with the participation of the Game Ranger association of Africa (GRAA) and South Africa National Parks (SANPARKS) — is looking for resellers. After three years since the start of the project, the knives are now available for sale worlwide at

The first clients to receive their knives after the launch of the website this summer have provided stellar reviews. “I couldn’t be more pleased”, said Claude Trincale, an American hunter who purchased the professional hunter knife #5with black micarta handle. It’s “very high quality overall”. This knife was one of the last prototypes produced during launch the project to include a 5 mm-thick blade. “The blade is hefty enough to be used as a chopper and with the surface on top of the spine for hammering, one could easily split small logs,” Trincale said. The final design of the knives has thinner blades: 4 mm for the hunters and 3 mm for rangers. (See the article Making Wild Meester Blades in this issue.) During tests with professionals in South Africa in May, the knives made an impression. “Wow”, was often the first word we heard when we removed a knife out of its scabbard.

These are beautiful knives that are built specifically to meet the needs of hunters and rangers in Africa, but can be tailored to suit individual demands. Wild Meester’s knives are designed in France and made in the United States of America using 440-C high-carbon chromium stainless steel blades. The handle materials available to choose from for each knife include buffalo, stag, and ram horns, camel bone, and olive wood as well as many other choices. The Wild Meester project began as an effort to build a strong multi-purpose field knife. We wanted a knife that we could rely on for all our needs. From the start, we also made the involvement of the professional associations in Africa a top priority. We had no idea the concept would be such a success. For the first time in history, all the professional hunter associations of Africa joined together in their support to participate in responding to our surveys:

– APHA – African Professional Association – PHASA – Professional Hunters Association of South Africa – PHAZ – Professional Hunters Association of Zambia – TPHA – Tanzania Professional Hunters Association – ZPHGA – Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guide Association – NPHA – Namibia Professional Hunters Association – SAHGCA – South African Hunters and Guide Conservation Association, as well as their Mopani Branches and Bloemfontain Branch.

Due to the success of the Professional Hunter knife project we decided to launch a second project for the Rangers of Africa. On the same principal we ran a survey among all Professional Rangers from South Africa National Parks (SANPARKS) and Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA). The final design for these knives are lighter, shorter and have additional features that the rangers specifically requested, including modifications to allow pole attachment for use as a spear and a serrated blade. Wild Meester is now proud to announce their new project to manufacture the field ranger knives collection at low cost. Keep an eye on their website for updates