When excitement breaks silence – The Fausti DEA SL ‘dedicata alla regina’

FAUSTI DEA SL 'dedicata alla regina'

Just a couple of meters distant from a pine shrub, the dogs are still, rigid and trembling. Everything around the woodlands is still and motionless. The only noises perceived are the warblers call and the light northerly wind breeze. The excitement commences, whilst the Huntsman starts approaching carefully the pointed dogs. The sound of the crisp autumn leaves under his booths is the only acoustic breaking silence.

He designates the safety catch of his side by side, panting with excitement, walking fatigue and emotion. He approaches the dogs, and a swishing sound alerts the eager hunter, he mounts his shotgun instantly, ensures the dogs are at a safe locus and takes the shot at the flushed quarry.

FAUSTI DEA SL ‘dedicata alla regina’

The gunshot breaks the silence over the valley, and at a couple of woodpigeons roosting the woodlands, on alert and at panic spruce off the woodlands. The hunter leans over one of his Setters and praises the retrieved quarry. The elusive woodcock is felt and adorned with passion and excitement.

He commended his hunting auxiliaries, while later examined his bagged quarry thrilled and still recounting the moment when it flushed off its cover.

With such passion, he reloaded his shotgun, beautifully crafted in Italy by world acclaimed gun-makers FAUSTI. His passion preceded him to attain a dedicated side-by-side shotgun for the ‘Queen of the Woods’. The DEA SL ‘dedicata alla regina (Dedicated to the queen), were crafted and dedicated to one of the most praised wild game in Europe, especially for passionate pointing dog enthusiasts.

With only a series of 1000 examples, and available in 12 – 16 – 20 – 28 – 36 – 410 calibres, the Marcheno based gun-maker offers bespoke service for their shotguns. Dedicated stock crafted for the customers’ needs and desires. The barrels and chokes of the FAUSTI DEA SL ‘dedicata alla regina are specifically designed, with the optimum ballistics geometry, for walked-up game shooting. Each barrel is tested and certified that can produce the best shot pattern of the precise shot placements needed with respect to the woodcock’s typical ambient.

FAUSTI DEA SL ‘dedicata alla regina’ – Finishes

The box-lock closing mechanism, availed either in single or double trigger mechanism is hand decorated with a woodcock flushed from cover on its dedicated side-plates, which leave ample place for the customer’s request to décor further his desired engraving. The block is finished in antique or tortoiseshell finish. Selected high-grade wood, is finished upon customers request either with a pistol-grip or traditional Prince of Wales stock complemented with either an English or semi-beaver forend.


FAUSTI DEA SL ‘dedicata alla regina’ dedicated page: http://www.faustiarms.com/prodotto.php?cat=1&id=15&idl=2