YUKON Optics – The household name in thermal and digital night vision.

2017 is a significant year for Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide. The company has launched a number of completely new products in thermal imaging and digital night vision market segment opening a new stage in quality and functionality for the night vision and thermal imaging class of products.

Among the newest and the most advanced products in Pulsar line are HELION XQF and XP thermal imaging monoculars and TRAIL XQ and XP thermal imaging riflescopes. XQ models are based on a well-performing uncooled microbolometer with 384×288 pixel resolution. The XP models feature a cutting-edge uncooled microbolometer with 640×480 pixel resolution. Both microbolometer types operate at 50Hz frame rate and have 17µm pixel pitch. The new image processing software developed by the company ensures a high level image sharpness and the best detail rendering in its class.

All new digital night vision products have been launched this year completing the night vision range. The most advanced products in the line are presented in major device classes. DIGISIGHT ULTRA – the new advanced digital night vision riflescope with HD sensor and color image in the day time. With a number of models differing in lens size and sensor resolution the ULTRA line will be able offer a great choice for many hunting professionals. New FORWARD F – digital night vision attachment exceeds in quality and night vision capabilities all previous developments of the company. With two models available FORWARD F series will provide a perfect solution for hunters seeking a possibility to shoot better in the night without changing their day riflescope.

All new products are built on a new cutting-edge high-tech hardware and electronics platform. It has been developed especially for the new product line to ensure the best possible functionality and user experience. Platform offers a set of new features such as built-in video and photo recorder for capturing the most interesting moments of outdoor adventures, 8Gb of internal storage, integrated Wi-Fi module that provides connection to a smartphone with the help of Stream Vision mobile application – it makes it possible to control a device remotely and watch the image on the screen of your smartphone. Streaming feature of application will allow the user to broadcast live everything he can see with night vision or thermal imaging device directly to YouTube. New power supply system “B-Pack” provides a remarkable operation time up to 8 hours with standard battery and 16 hours with extended battery in Wi-Fi mode. Rugged IPX7 waterproof housing ensures safe operation in any weather conditions.

Apart from releasing the new products company has initiated a major product line renewal and released on the market several new generations of existing products under Yukon and Pulsar brands.

New generation of APEX XQ has received a new 17 µm pixel pitch uncooled microbolometers with 50Hz frame rate. Thanks to the new sensor technology, the APEX XQ has gained in magnification and image detail.

New generation of CORE XQ thermal imaging attachments will be have two models CORE XFQ38 and CORE FXQ50 with different objective lenses. Recommended magnifications of day riflescopes are 1x-3x and 2x-5x respectively.

New generation of QUANTUM LITE thermal imagers has received two new objective lenses with 23 and 30 mm focus providing a detection distance from 700 to 900 m in the night. Both models also come at extremely competitive prices.

A range of interesting products has been released by the company under Yukon brand.

Yukon has proudly released the new advanced digital night vision riflescopes SIGHTLINE. New models offer a great functional for a moderate price. Multiple features of Sightline models include optimized night vision sensor, video recorder with 8Gb of memory, Wi-Fi module for live video streaming to a smartphone or internet, quick-change battery compartment with rechargeable option, digital zoom and Micro USB port for additional power supply.

A completely new line SIGNAL RT digital night vision monoculars will be interesting for many people interested in real digital night vision. The famous RANGER digital night vision devices have got a new generation RANGER RT series. Both SIGNAL and RANGER RT have a similar sensor with strong night vision capabilities and a common electronics platform with top thermal imaging and digital devices. Both devices have video recorder and Wi-Fi module which expand the ways they can be used in the field.